hexagon hexdrive

Hexagon HexDrive

In August 2017, Hexagon Agriculture started selling a new HexDrive automatic control system. The principal difference between HexDrive and the Leica SteerDirect ES Plus, which was previously in operation, is that the motor is not screwed to the tractor’s standard steering wheel, but is mounted directly onto the steering wheel shaft.

The autopilot motor HexDrive is completely metal, without plastic elements, which guarantees high reliability and long service life. The motor is much more powerful than the one used in the Leica SteerDirect ES Plus. High power of the motor allows you to confidently control any machines, including MTZ 82 and Kirovtsy.

The HexDrive thruster responds very precisely to the commands of the control screen of the agronavigator Hexagon Ti5 or Hexagon Ti7. With this thruster, it is possible to maintain driving accuracy up to 4-5 cm (using the correction signal TerraStar C).

Driving settings on HexDrive system – the same as they were on autopilot Leica SteerDirect ES Plus: sensitivity, aggressiveness, overshoot.

Set the autopilot HexDrive is not a big deal. With the help of the instructions drawn up by the engineers of our company, even the person who first encountered this technique can install and configure the autopilot.

HexDrive has all the advantages of its direct competitors (John Deere ATU and Trimble AutoPilot), whilst significantly outperforming them. As a turnkey autopilot set based on the Ti5 screen with a single-frequency GPS receiver it offers incredible value for money. Working in conjunction with the Ti7 screen with a dual-frequency receiver and a TerraStar C paid signal (4-5 cm) you will be able to retrofit your machine with a system for shutting off sprayer sections, a monitoring system for fertilizer outflow (application), as well as monitoring and control of seeding.


Supply voltage: 12V

Length of connecting cables: 3 m.

Recommendations: Check the condition of the gear and pin-lock every 250 hours of continuous operation.

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