hexagon Ti5

Hexagon Titanium5 Agronavigator

The Hexagon Titanium5 Agronavigator (Hexagon Ti5) is an entry-level system for manual and automatic driving. The range of its functions, in addition to driving, also includes: control of sprayer sections (most modern manufacturers are supported), control of spreading (differential fertilizer application), saving completed work cards, creating reports, it is also possible to download prescription maps made by an agronomist on a computer. Go

The interface of the parallel driving system Hexagon Ti 5 is built on the already common, farm-field-task logic. Despite the fact that some works (for example, for tillage) do not require the preservation of working lines and even the entire field, we recommend that you follow the logic of the device when creating tasks. This takes an extra couple of minutes, but will save significantly more time if you need to continue working after the break. Go

A distinctive feature of the new range of devices for field navigation is a unique software on the Linux platform, as well as the possibility of developing systems and connecting new functions. That is, if you, having tested the system as a simple heading indicator, want to improve it by adding various functions of precision farming, you only need to activate the corresponding code in the Hexagon database. Now you don’t need, when buying autopilot, to overpay for the unnecessary functions of disconnecting sections just because they are built into the system by default. You can only select autopilot, or just turn off sections, or differential fertilizer. The code is unique for each device, it can not be used on another system. Thus, you are protected from any kind of computer fraud. Go


Agronavigator Hexagon Ti5 supports all known types of motion, from straight lines to azimuth. For many farmers, the type of movement “correction curve” will be interesting, during which instant changes in the trajectory of movement during operation are possible (for example, a detour of the obstacle is automatically recorded in Ti5 memory, and subsequent lines are created taking into account this forced maneuver).
Hexagon Ti5 can control the sections of your sprayer (there are sets of 4, 10 and 16 sections).
Ti5 can measure the rate of fertilizer application, both dry and liquid. You can create a prescription map on the computer (kml, shp, dbf, prj and shx formats are supported), load it into the instrument’s memory – and the application rate will correspond to your desired values.
Hexagon Ti5 can monitor your planter and mark the monitoring data on the completed work map. There are installation kits for 8, 10, 14, 18 and more sensors (the maximum number is 28).
Ti5 can control the thruster. This is the most affordable autopilot on the market! The HexDrive thruster is a reliable system, tested on all machines, both imported and MTZ.
All results of your work Hexagon Ti5 faithfully saves as a map. You can easily copy this card to a USB flash drive and view the work done on the computer. It is also easy to transfer any files (tractor settings, fields, work lines) from the instrument to the instrument via a USB drive.

The interface of the device is built on the logic “farm-field-task”. The practice of using agronavigators around the world has shown that such a menu structure makes it possible to most effectively save the results of work and use them in further analyzes. Understanding the interface structure of the Hexagon Ti5 agronavigator is quite accessible to most users. However, a simplified quick start mode is provided in the device: when turned on, the operating mode opens immediately and it is proposed to “beat off” the AB line, as it was on the Leica mojoMINI2. In addition, the Hexagon Ti5 has the function of blocking access to the full interface of the device. Full access – under the password and is available, for example, only to the chief engineer. He checks all the necessary parameters of the device before going to work, and the tractor operator can only work on that field with those settings, that the engineer set up for him. He himself can not change anything except visualization modes: 2D or 3D mode, brightness, scaling.

The operating system of the Hexagon Ti5 agronavigator is very fast, and the memory is capacious, so much so that it will take more than one year of very intensive work to fill it to capacity. Despite its small size, this agronavigator is your reliable assistant. You do not have to wait half an hour for the system to determine its location, you will not encounter system hangs and you will not have to “shamanize” in order to achieve normal operation from the device. All this is in the past. Ti5 is an agronavigator well-tested on different fields of the globe. It has been tested at home in Brazil for 3 years, and now it has been around the world for over a year now.

Bounce – no more than 1%.

Factory warranty on the device – 1 year.

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