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Hexagon Titanium7 Agronavigator

The flagship of Hexagon Agriculture, the agronavigator Hexagon Titanium7 (or Hexagon Ti7), is aimed at users for whom precision farming is not a distant prospect, but an urgent need. With the help of the Parallel Driving System Hexagon Ti7, it becomes possible to use any corrective signals, from paid TerraStar corrections to RTK technologies. This raises the accuracy of the passage to 2 cm between the rows and makes it possible to reuse the same working lines with the same accuracy.

Agronavigator Geksagon Ti7 has a significant price advantage over all existing counterparts from other manufacturers – Trimble, Raven, Ag Leader, TOPCON, etc. The functionality of the device from Hexagon is not inferior to competitors. Go

The main difference of the Hexagon Ti7 parallel driving system is, of course, a powerful receiver capable of receiving any corrective signals with a frequency sufficient to obtain an accuracy of 2 cm from passage to passage. The second, no less important, difference is the presence of two CAN-connectors. This makes it possible to control a larger number of jobs (for example, sowing with the simultaneous point application of granular fertilizers). To communicate with the source of RTK corrections – the base station or the RTK server – the Ti7 has an integrated 3G modem (optional). All Russian mobile operators are supported. The agronavigator Hexagon Ti7 will like the tractor drivers to enjoy a large and bright screen. In a shaking tractor, it will be easy to find and press the desired button.

The operating system of the Hexagon Ti7 agricultural navigator is absolutely identical to what we saw in the Hexagon Ti5 agronavigator. However, it is in Ti7 that its functionality is fully disclosed. We can manage the settings of the RTK connection or the settings of the TerraStar paid signal. We have access to all the capabilities of 3G Internet, including remote access to the device and emergency communication with the tractor driver. We can also control all existing types of autopilots, including hydraulic ones.

Since the Hexagon Ti5 and Ti7 agronavigators software is identical, their interfaces look like two drops of water. The Ti7 menu is built on the same farm-field-task logic. Just like the “younger brother”, there are functions of a quick start, access control to the advanced menu and all the advantages of a fast RAM. The flash memory of the device is the same as that of the Ti5 navigator – 2 GB. It will take many years to fill this amount of memory with saved fieldwork cards. However, a modern agronavigator should have very strong hardware, because agricultural technology in our time is developing at an incredible pace, firmware devices are complemented by all new and new features. The excess power of the “iron” Ti7 today is the confidence that it will easily cope with the rapid growth of the tasks assigned to it. This is the key to success for both the manufacturer and the user.

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